The Story of the Ramayana

Lord Rama was born into the Sun Dynasty as the son of the great king Dasarath and his
chief wife Kaushalya. From his very birth he exhibited noble qualities and was loved by all.
When he was grown up he married the beautiful princess Sita of Mithila.
(see scene 1 - Sita’s Wedding)

After the celebrations he and his three brothers and their wives left in a great procession
to go back to their kingdom of Ayodhya. On their way they were challenged by the great
warrior sage Parasuram. Rama defeated him and Parasuram accepted the divinity of Rama.
(see scene 2 - Parasuram)

Later, by some trickery, Rama his brother Lakshmana and Sita were forced to leave
Ayodhya to live in the forest for many years. While residing peacefully there they were
attacked by a host of demons lead by the brother of the evil king Ravana. Rama fought
them single handedly and defeated all of them by the power of the magic weapons given to
him by the great sage Agastya Muni.
(see scene 3 - Demons in the Forest)

After this defeat of his brother, Ravana devised a scheme to kidnap Sita. After losing
Sita, Rama and Lakshmana wandered in the forest for some time until they met the monkey
warrior Hanuman who took them to see his king Sugriva. Rama befriended Sugriva and
agreed to help him win his kingdom back from Bali who had driven him away.
(See scene 4 - Fight with Bali)

After winning his kingdom back, Sugriva was rightfully crowned again.
(see scene 5 - Coronation of Sugriva)

King Sugriva agreed to repay his debt by helping Rama find Sita. He sent out word to all
the monkey kingdoms to send their warriors. He also asked his old friend Jambavan, king of
the bears, to help. All the armies gathered outside of Bali’s kingdom in Kishkindha.
(See scene 6 - Marshalling the Armies)

Rama and laxman

When everyone had gathered together, Sugriva sent the armies in all four directions and
they finally found that Ravana had taken Sita back to his golden kingdom of Lanka. They all
set off to rescue her.
(See scene 7 - Marching to Lanka)

After reaching the shore of the sea they found they were unable to cross to Lanka so Rama
sent Hanuman, who had some magic powers, to the island kingdom to find Sita. He searched
all over the city and even looked into Ravana’s Palace.
(see scene 8 - Ravana’s Palace)

He eventually found her safe and sound in a beautiful garden and flew back to Rama to give
him the good news. Rama forced the god of the sea to allow him across to Lanka. All the
warriors and animals helped build a huge bridge to the island kingdom.
(See scene 9 - Building the Bridge)

When they had all crossed to Lanka there was a tremendous battle as Ravana’s demon
hordes turned up to stop them.
(See scene 10 - Field Battle)

They defeated all the demons and finally attacked the great golden city of Lanka itself.
There was another terrific battle and finally Rama killed the evil King Ravana and rescued
(Scene 11 - Attacking Lanka)

Everyone was very happy and wanted to go back to Ayodhya on the magical airplane that
Ravana had stolen from his brother Kuvera, one of the demigods. All the monkeys and bears
jumped aboard the Pushpaka which was like a flying city.
(See scene 12 - Pushpaka)

When they all arrived back to Ayodhya the citizens were very happy to see them and had a
great celebration.

The End